Cooking for me is a map. A map which can lead me to pleasure on gloomy days or to peacefull sancturies on challenging days. A map which helps me to locate the comforting whereabouts of my childhood, my spirited days of all my hostels. It is a map to my soul. I know that till the time I follow this map I will never be lost and I know that I will always find my way back.


Your ideal guide to easy and quick delicacies. Here is a curated list of recipes you can try your hands on. So, put your chef's cap on let's get rolling!


Amma Superstar is a journey of such relationships that were made and strengthened with the simple act of sharing a meal.


We all have different food preferences but what we truly love are the homemade dishes savoured since childhood.

About Me

With an earlier education in the Economics field, I decided to switch careers to become a chef purely by accident. I completed my Culinary diploma from ICIF and have shot many recipe videos for my YouTube channel. Hailing from the heartland of India, Madhya Pradesh, I have travelled across India picking up and absorbing recipes, languages and the nuances of regional cooking.

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