• water: 1 cup
  • jaggery (gud), broken into small pieces: 250 grms
  • whole wheat flour (atta): 400 grms
  • desiccated coconut: 150 grms
  • green cardamom pods, coarsely crushed: 7-8
  • fennel seeds (saunf ): 2 tsp
  • ghee: 4 tbsp
  • oil: to deep-fry


    To knead the dough:

    • Put the water and jaggery in a pan over high heat and bring to a boil. Keep stirring, till the jaggery is totally dissolved.
    • Sift the flour on to a large deep plate. Add the remaining ingredients for the dough and give it a good mix with your hands.
    • Knead it into a stiff dough with the help of the jaggery water.

    To shape the thekuas:

    • Make balls with the dough about the size of golf balls.
    • If using a thekua mould, flatten them on top of the mould and press it gently so that it can get the required impressions.
    • If not using a mould, flatten them slightly with your hands and then use a fork to draw straight or zig-zag lines on top.

    To fry the thekuas:

    • Put the oil in a wok over moderate heat.
    • Lower the heat and deep-fry the thekua in batches, till light brown.
    • Drain and place on kitchen towels to absorb excess oil.