Amma Superstar

Amma Superstar

Opening a lunch box does more than just rescue us from our hunger pangs. It is also an opportunity for new relationships and bonds. Sharing a meal becomes even more special when it leaves us with memories much after the tasty food is over. Amma Superstar is a journey of such relationships that were made and strengthened with the simple act of sharing a meal. Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay joins a new guest pair in every episode to trace the journey of their relationship that was made because of cooking a special dish.

First show on screen

At first on show I was really nervous, I remember on first day, there was this continuous question in my mind "Am I doing it right?" Then from the second day onwards, I became confident. It was truly a wonderful experience for me. Usually when I was doing YouTube videos it was a very small setup. It was a new and fun experience for me. Also when I did for YouTube, they always wanted me to keep it as short as possible, so I didn't had the opportunity to talk much about the dish, my memories around the dish, stories, techniques, texture, ect. Here I could talk a lot, so that was wonderful.

It was really comfortable, I loved the concept developed for Amma Superstar. It was very smooth working with them. From the beginning till the end the team supported me really well and their support was especially very crucial as this was my first TV show.

What can one expect?

The show offers the viewers' lots of beautiful conversations revolving around food and memories related with food, local cultures from different parts of the country and related stories and along with that, loads of wonderful recipes. Amma Superstar highlights different relationship bonds that showcase the mother like love and comfort through food. This show brings different relationships and bonds that remind us of our mom's love and the connect with food.

My Delhi Chai Trails with the YouTube channel Delhi Food Walks

Chai is India's lifeline. It is the beverage that suits all sort of mood and feelings and even seasons. But primarily it is the panacea for a drabness, exhausting and weariness. When you have favourite chai in front of you, the world around seems to stop. For the majority it is thing that kickstarts the day.